cinémathèque québécoise – programme

Art direction and design of the Cinémathèque québécoise bi-monthly programme and calendar. The brief was to create a cost-effective replacement for the beloved magazine the Cinémathèque formerly published to showcase its programming. This five-panel flyer has succeeded in both reducing costs and increasing attendance for the not-for-profit ‘museum of the moving image.’ Creating a wordmark from the url and using it as the masthead were ways to emphasize how the Cinémathèque’s website acts as an important complement to this printed piece. The wordmark has since come to be used in all of their social media.

Dépliant/calendrier bimensuel annonçant la programmation de la Cinémathèque québécoise. L’adresse web de la Cinémathèque est devenue ici la signature du dépliant, pour ainsi souligner que cette pièce imprimée fonctionne en complément avec le site web.

CMYK offset on locally milled 100% recycled paper
Distinctions: Coupe International Design & Image Awards, Applied Arts Design & Advertising Awards
Employer: Agence Code